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Image by Daria Nepriakhina


Yes, we will sit in a large room with a pro at the helm.  The pro will be an entrepreneur with a command of the business educational landscape.  You will NEVER be told what to do because this is an experiential education.  

The Entrepreneurly education component knows that you are the boss. When you are presented with tools to improve the business health of your organization and your overall happiness you will know just what to do.  You will apply what works for you and listen to how others have used these tools for their success.  We know that every single business and business owner is unique and our goal is to empower you fully.  By accessing these world renowned materials, you can 10x your growth trajectory.  We want you to grow and scale.


We will meet quarterly for a day.  Throughout this educational day you can expect to apply proven business principles to your company.  We break into small groups sporadically to quickly get to actionable take aways.  Sustenance is served all day long, including happy hour for networking with the tribe that will understand you the best.

Note:  We onboard classes one time per quarter.  You can enter our educational flow at any point in January, April, July and October.

Ready to learn with us?

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