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Download Shadow Fight 2 for Android

Shadow Fight 2 for Android - want to become a shadow warrior and defeat your enemies in the ring with a variety of techniques? This game has already become a classic and deserves a lot of attention. Here the main character is a real shadow. You will be fighting a black figure on a colorful background against the same opponents. Great choice of tricks, different locations, easy controls and of course excellent animation of the fight.


Demons from the gates of shadow have burst into the world of Shadowfight 2, they want to destroy it and establish power here. The protagonist is the only hope. With your fighting skills you will be able to defeat all enemies. The main task in each fight is to bring your opponent back to hell, and for that you need victory.


You will have to fight not only with your legs and hands, but also thanks to the weapons that you can purchase:

Axe - a powerful and crushing thing

sword - to chop off your opponent's head will be much easier

katana - a razor-sharp weapon.

And a lot more

Don't forget about the armor and various improvements, because you can't defeat the strong boss with the sword alone. Step by step develop the warrior and save the world from the plague. The hacked version of the game will allow you to get a large amount of money. This will simplify the gameplay and give you the opportunity to pump your character to the maximum.


Battles are fought in 2D mode like in Mortal Kombat. You will see your warrior on the left and your opponent on the right. The image is crisp and rich, and the animations are done perfectly. Controls are simple and you'll quickly learn how to make the best hits. On the left is a joystick for movements, and on the right are two buttons for making moves. If you consider yourself a true professional, you can try to win with just your legs or arms. To not be bored, the developers of Shadow Fight in all their versions make different arenas for battles.

Go through this hard way, where every moment can decide the outcome of the battle. You can download the original version or the hacked version at the links below. With the second it is much easier and more effective to play, because each player will focus on the beautiful battle.

Download Shadow Fight 2 for Android

Download Shadow Fight 2 for Android

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